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“Let food be thy medicine…” One of the most famous Hippocrates quotes of all time is essentially what Herbacure is all about. Think about it, we eat fruit, vegetables, we drink tea and coffee and all this is plant based, many fruits contain the same chemical make up and nutrient content as many herbs. Cucumbers have a diuretic action, coffee is a stimulant, pineapple provides digestive enzymes, rosemary as a spice for meats is a wonderful nervine and stimulant for memory and hair growth. If we look at only these few examples, we can see how our kitchen provides many examples of how our food is our medicine.

Herbacure was started in 1996. It is a complete plant based range of supplements, which has therapeutic and healing actions to aid recovery from illness. All herbs have active ingredients which probe the body to overcome illness.
The original idea was for this range to work alongside conventional medicine, as every branch of medicine has its place. Herbs have been used since the beginning of time to assist health and medicine has made wonderful advances in the curing of chronic diseases but as man’s lifestyle has changed over the last 100 years we now have more diseases and more resistant illnesses to treat.
Conventional medical treatment provides symptomatic relief and antibiotics aid the treatment of infection. Herbs have a lot to offer in supportive function and in strengthening the body and so the two can work together.

Nowadays most commercially available products from teas, cooldrinks, to cosmetics are enriched with herbs as it has become a ”fashion trend” but also people are going back to basics and exploring other options of health support.

Today with all the scientific research available and with major advances in the natural industry we can use natural medicine with more clarity and confidence in aiding our health.